"Sales training and coaching provided by Tom Grbich and Leading For Success has taken me from novice to Corporate Account Manager in one year, with an increase in Customers of 50%, and an initial increase of 33% (and growing) in monthly revenues. Tom's understanding of people, the sales process, the psychology of selling, and Account Management is extensive. Other sales programs attended during the year fell far short of my experience with Tom"
- Calum Bonnington - Corporate Account Manager
"To deliver 150% of target is an excellent result and your personal efforts played an important part in recapturing the Rotorua toll market"
- Dudley Enoka - National Manager General Business Sales..
"If you do the same things as your competitors and your staff are trained by the same people who train your competitors - you will always be just another "one of the competition" in the eyes of your prospects."
"All people bring joy into this world - some as they come, and some as they go. Which are you?,
Who We Are
Leading For Success is a Business and Personal Development  company run by Internationally acclaimed Business Trainer and Life Coach Tom Grbich. Leading for Success and its partners specialise in providing results based training and/or consulting, in the areas of Leadership, Sales, Team Building, Problem Solving, and Personal Development
Tired of being a victim of what we call "Training fraud"
Mystified as to why training (really) doesn't seem to work
Tired of paying for training with no measurable outcomes 
Wanting to Stand out from the "competition" and become a true Leader in your industry?
IF your answered YES to any of the above, then You  have come to  the right place. Click here to find out Moreabout who we are, and about our Services
Strategic Advantage
With most consulting, be it for Professional or Personal reaons, we are often given the tools and told "what" needs to be done and then left to do it. This is at best incompetent, and at worst, fraudulant. Leading for Success goes beyond both "what" and looks at even "If" anything needs to be done, "Why" any action needs to be taken, and most importantly "How" to make the necessary changes, and get consitent, measurable results. more
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