About Tom Grbich and Leading For Success
Tom is the Founder and CEO of Leading For Success - a company that specialises in gaining measurable results for its clients from whatever interventions it is involved in with them; whether as Corporations or Individuals.

Leading For Success - International is a young, entrepreneurial company - framed by the extensive business and life skills of its founder and partners. Our typical client is:
  • Passionate about being the best they can be, and is willing to commit the energy and resources where necessary, to achieve that
  • High on "intent" but perhaps needing help with the "content"
  • Perhaps already at the top and looking to set new standards for success and/or
  • On the road to success and determined to achieve it

Tom is a believer in "experiential learning" (based mostly on his many years of teaching his own martial art form) - creating appropriate experiences in our outside of the classroom, that can be directly applied to work and/or personal growth.

Tom's specialties include Leadership training and coaching, Sales Training and coaching (all levels), Team Building, Communication, Organisational alignment, and Keynote Speaking.

As CEO of Leading for Success, Tom still prefers to refer to himself as a "Results Specialist," with a passion for applying "measurables" to all that his organisation does. Tom was a founder of two companies in New Zealand - one of which was sold to a much larger player and the other is now in the top three in the country in its field.

As a salesperson, Tom made the top 1% in the world, with a 12 month close rate of 91% (all profitable) in the security industry - one of the most competitive industries in the country at the time.

As a coach/trainer, Tom has directly contributed to increases in revenue of 300% (in 3 months) in a multi national company, 500% in 9 monthsin New Zealand's largest company, an increase of 300% in revenue for a Calgary based marketing consultancy compnay, and an increase in the performance of a single individual of 800% in 3 months.

These achievements, Tom says, come from looking at almost everything differently.

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"If you do the same things as your competitors and your staff are trained by the same people who train your competitors - you will always be just another "one of the competition" in the eyes of your prospects." (Old Tom Grbich proverb)

BE the competition - be DIFFERENT!

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