Program & Services
Leading For Success is primarily a service company but we do have two products that supports our services in the form of ePIP - an extremely efficient and effective web-based Performance Management System, and the Wow of How Book

Programs & Services include

  • Business Training & Consulting - Looking at performance discrepancies and determining how best to overcome them (see Business Training)
  • Performance management - Tools to provide an extremely effective way of measuring and managing the behavioural changes necessary for (ongoing) performance improvement (see Performance Management)
  • Coaching/Mentoring - Assisting individuals to improve their performance and/or their environment (see Personal Development)
  • Personality profiling - For improved interpersonal communication - also extremely effective in sales
  • Keynote Speaking - Topics covering Leadership Skills, Conflict Management, Team Building, Sales Training, Team Building, and many more (see Keynote Speaking)
  • Education/training - A host of training programs aimed at improving performance and life
  • Tao School of Business - A totally new concept in training and gaining an overall state of "wellness" - taking learning from a physical perspective and bringing it into the mental/emotional realms (see Tao School of Business).

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