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Our comment with regard to "Training Fraud" comes from a statement that we heard from so many prospects (before they became customers) which typically went something like this... "We just aren't convinced that we aren't pouring money into a black hole with training because you so rarely get a measurable result."

Why training often fails

Here are some of the reasons that typical training "fails"...
  • Training is not the solution - often, the problem stems from one of the following:
    • Staff don't have a clear understanding of what their job is (poor job descriptions)
    • They don't know what the most important elements of their job are (Key result areas)
    • They don't have the authority to perform
    • They don't have the tools to perform
    • They don't have the support they need
    • They don't have the will to perform
  • Training is applied, rather than sold to the person
  • Training is done in saturation - consecutive days of intense training
  • Training is a one-off event - one course is supposed to solve all of the problems - forever
  • What vs how - training focuses on what needs to be done rather than how to do it
  • Behavioural training is applied when skills training is the real need
  • Skills training is applied when behavioural training is the real need, and above all...

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