"Sales training and coaching provided by Tom Grbich and Leading For Success has taken me from novice to Corporate Account Manager in one year, with an increase in Customers of 50%, and an initial increase of 33% (and growing) in monthly revenues. Tom's understanding of people, the sales process, the psychology of selling, and Account Management is extensive. Other sales programs attended during the year fell far short of my experience with Tom" 
- Calum Bonnington - Corporate Account Manager

"With Tom, you will not get the conventional, school-manufactured, coaching approach, which sometimes removes our intouchness with life-at-large. His is a distinctly grounded and unique method that allows you to appreciate who you are, identify the self imposed obstacles you can dissolve, and with growing your own confidence, move forward into action. Intuitive, sincere, and with great integrity, he appreciates what it takes and what you're likely going through. From his experience of having led an uncommon life, you can expect to engage with him in a very compassionate and practical way to address underlying core issues, some of which may be hidden, such as they were in my case. As a result, the incredible value gained living daily with new awareness,and accrued over time, far exceeds the initial investment"
- Will Black - Owner

"To deliver 150% of target is an excellent result and your personal efforts played an important part in recapturing the Rotorua toll market" 
- Dudley Enoka - National Manager General Business Sales.

"Tom has valuable insights that could help many organisations" 
- Chris Brann - Director Logisitics

"Mr Grbich has an incredible way of capturing a crowd and keeping them interested throughout an entire seminar" 
- Gayle DeBolt - Branch Manager

Tom's skills and advice in the field of sales were in all honesty, a life saver for my company. One of Tom's greatest strengths is his ability to 'walk-the-talk' - he is not a theoretician. In my 15 years in business I rate Tom Grbich as the most competent and valuable mentor with whom I have worked" 
- Mark Stothart - Founding Director.

“Tom is a fantastic coach with a very direct and yet personable style. His guidance on everything from business to personal improvement is effective, customized, and shows long term results. Tom's focus on allignment and integrity in all spheres of life truly provides a universal approach to achieving lasting and measurable personal and business success.”
- Gaurav Duggal - Director, Online Marketing

Note: Many more testemonials can be provided on request, with original documents if desired 

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