For over thirty years, Tom has helped numerous companies and individuals reach  their highest potential, and has consitently achieved results much higher than the accepted norm. Just some of his successes are highlited below:
  • Tom was a founder of two companies in New Zealand - one of which was sold to a much larger player and the other is now in the top three in the country in its field.
  • As a salesperson,Tom made the top 1% in the world, with a 12 month close rate of 91% (all profitable) in the security industry - one of the most competitive industries in the country at the time.
  • As a Keynote Speaker, Tom has given talks and training presentations  in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.
  • As a coach/trainer, Tom has directly contributed to:
    • Increases in revenue of 300% (in 3 months) in a multi national company, 
    • 500% in 9 months in New Zealand's largest company,
    • Increase in revenue for a Calgary based marketing consultancy company by 300% in one month
    • An increase in the performance of a single individual of 800% in 3 months.

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