Performance Management
One of the greatest questions faced by businesses worldwide is, "How do you align your whole organisation with your company's Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals?"

At Leading For Success - International, we believe we have the perfect answer (and solution) in ePIP - a web based Performance Management System that resolves all of the issues that have been endured by similar systems since their inception.

Performance from the top (or any level) down is aligned 100% with the company's Mission etc. and once instituted, the system drives performance in such a way that...

  • Evaluations happen on time - EVERY time
  • Participants see them as inherently fair (360 degree analysis)
  • Management overhead (in carrying out appraisals) is minimised, and
  • Confrontation is virtually eliminated


Typical outcomes for those companies applying ePIP include time saving, given the reduced administrative overhead, and measurably improved results:

1.Required performance is more closely aligned to the company goals
2.Desired performance becomes much more measurable
3.Individual performance goals are consistent with company goals
4.You don't wait to the end of the year to discuss performance issues
5.Management consistency is improved
6.Morale is improved (often dramatically), and
7.Additional outcomes based on defined measureables

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