Tao School of Business
The Tao Scool of Business is a totally new concept. As a highly successful martial artist, Tom developed and has been teaching his own style of self defence for more than 30 years. He named his art "Tao" ("The Way"), and continues to teach it as a "way of life." He has taught members of the elite SAS (Special Air Services) in New Zealand, the Police, and hundreds of private individuals.

The concept

Many senior Managers are now appreciating the need to take greater care of their health, and the gym seems to be the best place to achieve that. The concept behind the Tao School of Business School is - instead of doing the same boring routine every day, why not do a martial art that is different to anything you probably have seen to date? The school will offer the opportunity to become more physically fit while:

  • Learning more about overall health
  • The chance to learn an extremely effective self defence form
  • A great opportunity to network (every effort will be made to have classes made up of participants who hold similar positions and are close in age), and
  • Much of what you learn will be able to be directly applied in the workplace. Contact us to have this demonstrated to you.


In the style of Sun Tzu's Articles of war, many of the elements of the martial arts are directly applicable to business and life. Words can (and will) be debated to the end of the century but when you learn at the physical level, you can see the alternatives but you can also see that many of the alternatives just are not practicable. What you have learned physically, is then migrated to the other appropriate levels (mental/emotional eg.).

While the idea has been fully developed, it has not yet been actioned. A group of approximately ten people is needed to get it started.

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